Mitch James

Fiction Writer, Poet, Educator

Short Fiction

"What Floats, What Sinks." Ohio's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of

Fiction, Sept 2018.

“The Sensation of Falling.” HCE Review, May 2018.

"The Nothings of Anele" Erotic Review Magazine, Dec 2017.

"What Float, What Sinks."  Calliope Magazine, Jan 2017

“The Quilted Woman.” Black and Grey Magazine, May 2016.

“What We Always Did but More.” Ragazine, November 2014.

 “Raising Chickens.” Digital Americana Magazine, Fall 2012.

 “Antigua Rising.” Etopia Press, Jan 2011.

"The River. The Town. The Dead." Underground Voices, August 2010.

 "The Sadder of Two Places." Kill Author. August 2010.

 "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Tom Thompson." Troubadour 21, July 2010.

 "Fallen." The Vehicle, April 2006. 

Fiction Chapbooks

  The Cut Worm. Underground Voices Press, October 2016


 "Mothers With Searchlights Or After Another School Shooting."

   Rising Phoenix ReviewSeptember. 2018.

 "McDonalds, Indiana, Pa. January 2009." World Enough Writers Coffee Poems

  Anthology, Forthcoming Fall/Winter 2018.

 "A Gnashing of Teeth." Sheila-Na-Gig, July 2017.

 "1000 Dead Seeds." Sheila-Na-Gig, July 2017.

"This Time without Deliberation." Sheila-Na-Gig, July 2017.

“Origami.” Chronograph, January 2016.

“Crooked Creek Our Home.” Blue Earth Review, Summer 2013.

“Pieces of Home.” The Zine Will Change Your Life, April 2011.

"God in the Midwest." I Speak the Password Primeval 1, June 2009.

"McDonalds, Indiana, PA. January 2009." I Speak the Password Primeval 1, June 2009.

"Stepping Stones: An Abridged Script to Masculinity in Three Parts." I Speak the Password Primeval 1, June 2009.

"She Didn't Find it Beautiful." Foliate Oak Magazine, December 2008.

"A Common Place." Decomp Magazine, October 2008.

"A Painting of Months." Westward Quarterly, September 2006.

"Career Day." The Vehicle, April 2006.

"A Friend on Fourth Street." The Vehicle, October 2005.

"Untitled." The Vehicle, October 2005. 

Academic Articles

"In the Coming Years: The Role of Creative Writing and the Future of the Humanities." Rendezvous:    Journal of Arts and Letters. July 2017.

“Tragedy, Plot, Fiction: A Study of Sameness and How You Might Have Been Duped.” New  Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing.  July 2013.

Academic Book Chapters

"To Grade Has always Made Writing Better" Bad Ideas about Writing. WVU Press. 2017.